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Goal Setting

By: Shane R. Barker From the book: Youth Leading Youth They looked like ordinary numbers. But anyone who knew James Allen knew they were more than that. He had them printed on the top of his school books, and he wrote them in the margins of his papers. He had them marked across his mirror […]

What Do Kisses Mean?

By: John Bytheway From the book: What I Wish I’d Known in High School: A Crash Course in Teenage Survival One of the fun things about working with teenagers is interpreting their body language. If you’re giving a talk that bores them, teenagers don’t have any problem letting you know. They’ll yawn, fall asleep, rest […]

I know the difference between right and wrong, but what if it’s a gray area?

From the blog: ldswhy.com “Should I be kind to my little sister, or should I kick a kitten?” That’s an easy choice (be kind—in case you weren’t sure). Sometimes it is very easy to tell what the right decision is. But sometimes people say it is harder to tell the difference between what is right […]