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How can I have more fun at dances?

By: John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat

From the Web Site: LDSWHY.COM

Our friend Devin Toma recently gave some tips for how to get more from dances. We thought they were funny. These are not intended to be gospel doctrine, but just something fun to think about. :) The two tips are:

1. No yakking

2. No chimping.

Brother Toma said that the first rule is no yakking. That means, don’t act like yaks. When yaks are scared or threatened they sometimes gather together in a big group — like this:

mkox22He said “young ladies be careful that you don’t get together in a herd when a slow song comes on. That could intimidate some of the boys.” No yakking.

No chimping was Brother Toma’s rule for the boys. He showed a picture like this


and reminded the fellas that unlike this chimp they need to listen. “Don’t just talk about yourself” he said — listen to what the ladies have to say. He had some other funny chimp pictures too that reminded the boys to take a shower before the dance. :)

What are your suggestions for how to have a better time at dances?

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